Back in Feburary, a few of us were interviewed by a group in Montreal putting together a very interestingly formatted ‘posterfolio’ called FACE/AD/BLOG. They somehow found us and wanted to feature the Urban Mobility Project from our project archive.

After many attempts at finding a time that worked for both sides we each met the lovely and energetic Anne Marie over skype and she asked Sarah, Ocean and Alex some really great questions and lead to a great ongoing dialogue.

The article is fantastic, you can read it here.

But more interesting to me is that these cool folks in Montreal thought highly enough of the work we’re doing to feature us along side many other creative projects, organizations and initiatives.

Alex is quoted on their ‘About Us’ page –

“I like the idea of a magazine that functions as a folio of posters with expanded text online. Could be a good way to leverage the material qualities of printed matter while shifting the burden of detailed text content to the web where the audience could then also be drawn into social media and discussions.”

– Alex Grünenfelder, Director and Co-founder, Vancouver Design Nerds Society

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