Founded in 2004, the Vancouver Design Nerds Society (VDNS) exists to facilitate, promote and create opportunities for generative dialogue, co-creation and community building. We do this through designing and facilitating workshops (aka Design Jams), urban interventions and placemaking projects.

As an international network of artists, designers and social entrepreneurs, we share a desire to engage design opportunities with a spirit of creative play and openness. Because we are process driven, we are comfortable diving into a wide range of topics – from complex urgent issues like climate change, democracy and data privacy to more playful yet critical domains of design fiction and the ‘new normal’. Diversity enriches our process and propels us forward, revealing unexpected opportunities and surprising results.

Our mission is to build our collective capacity as design facilitators agents of change by maintaining community platform(s) for experimentation and practice – so that we may support our clients and collaborators to move between generative dialogue and tangible solutions. We recognize the role design has in reinforcing systems of oppression, and with this, we also recognize the potential design has to enact social change.

Meet our current Directors and Steering Committee members.

Our purpose as a Society is to:

  • Provide space and facilities for interdisciplinary design collaboration and dialogue.
  • Foster collaboration within the design community through regular organized events and the pursuit of design projects that support socially and environmentally responsive design.
  • Engage lay- and expert groups in dialogue on design through newspaper, broadcast and web-based media and through participation in public exhibitions and workshops.
  • Undertake design projects that engage community and public space; all proceeds of which will be re-invested in the society to further objectives a, b and c above.