MOV Food Security in Cities

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MOV Food Security in Cities

In February, the Design Nerds hosted a Jam with our long-time collaborators, the Museum of Vancouver (MOV). The subject was food security and the resiliency of cities to cope with the requirement of reducing carbon footprints while encouraging walkability and neighbourliness and community for residents that often find themselves isolated and disconnected from those living […]

China Town Night Light

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China Town Night Light

Project overview • Chinatown Night-Light was proposed by Redbean Studio, an organization of planning and design professionals who are exploring the emergent identity of Chinatown within the historic, social and geographic context of Vancouver. The project identifies and attempts to address the district’s daily change in character. Every evening, after 6:00pm the majority of businesses […]

Beta Cup Jam

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The betacup Challenge Launches an Open Collaboration Initiative to Reduce Paper Cup Consumption.

Bus Dreams

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Bus Dreams

Bus Dreams is a project for the City of Ottawa’s new articulated bus facility. The project mandate required an LED-based, permanent art installation for the City of Ottawa’s new articulated bus garage. A super-low resolution display interprets local climatological data in an abstract and evolving pattern of lights. The display is responsive to traffic, flickering […]

If These Streets Could Talk…

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If These Streets Could Talk…

INTRODUCTION: For six weeks in 2010, the world’s attention will be focused on Vancouver. Athletes, their families and friends, global media, officials and sports fans will congregate in the city to enjoy the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. The media focus will be on the stadium events, but the Olympic Games themselves will constitute […]

Discards & Validation – A room with no walls

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Public outdoor Installation – Homelessness Action week – Oct 12-19 2008 An installation aimed to raise awareness of the ever present issue of Homelessness. It is a commentary on items and people both of which are discarded and perceived as worthless with an attempt to provide revalidation through this work. The intention is to utilize […]

Demonstration Sustainable Neighborhood

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Vancouver Peak Oil is currently at work marshalling the support, expertise and resources necessary to create a demonstration sustainable neighborhood (DSN) for the post-peak-oil period – what VPO member Jon Cooksey semi-whimsically calls a Kunstler Village, after James Kunstler, the peak oil writer. Entirely off the grid, graywater system recycling all wastewater and sewage, everyone […]

Urban Video Intervention

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The Urban Video Intervention Project is a site-specific installation involving projecting forms and animations that play on the geometries of the physical space. The objective is to integrate them with the site in a way that creates an interesting visual counterpoint to the existing structures.

Story Circle

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Story Circle was our proposal for a design competition for a roundabout in Penticton, BC. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but we feel that this concept could still be applied to other roundabouts.