Public outdoor Installation – Homelessness Action week – Oct 12-19 2008

An installation aimed to raise awareness of the ever present issue of Homelessness. It is a commentary on items and people both of which are discarded and perceived as worthless with an attempt to provide revalidation through this work.

The intention is to utilize discarded items (beds, dressers, shelves, etc) found in alleys to recreate “rooms” within the Public Realm, highlighting the very missing element of walls and all that they provide, and bringing to light the key human, personal side of this issue.

Some items have been discarded while others are a sign of someone who has lost their home and is now living on the streets. The first is a sign of over consumption where we seem to put energy into “things” and not people and creates a disconnection from the personal, human element. The second is a reflection of our society that relegates our problems to the hidden, back alley. That which is not seen is rarely heard and easily ignored.

Site for this installation is a key component and the idea of setting up these “rooms” in parking stalls seems to resonate well, with correlations between the cost of parking vs SRO, public value of parking vs people etc. Validation to occupy the space through feeding the meter or after hours seems to resonate as well.

To be installed during Homelessness Action week – Oct 12-19 2008

This is a work in progress, newly hatched and a lot of ideas came from the Nerd Jam. Thanks to all who participated.

Key items to address:

1. Site: this is the main one!
2. Potential organizations to link with, or set up near
3. Furniture collection/transportation/disposal
4. Timing
5. Personal Stories – collect and display
6. Media/documentation

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