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The Vancouver Design Nerds Society is looking for new Steering Committee members to join our team!

Apply here with your preferred role(s) by August 5 at 5pm!

VND Recruitment 2015 – PDF doc

Who are the Vancouver Design Nerds (VDN)?
The Vancouver Design Nerds are a network of collaborating designers, artists and social innovators that facilitate, promote and support positive social, environmental and urban transformation through face-to-face creative collaboration. You can think of us as awesome city consultants.

We’re sparking a culture shift in which design thinking and practice becomes a foundation for dialogue, collaboration and action to foster systems changing solutions in our city. We’re active in design thinking, architecture, green building, urban design, public art, graphic design, industrial design, engineering, photography, sculpture, policy, sustainability, artificial intelligence, theatre, renewable energy, fashion, dance, film, community development, and everything in between.

Join us in creating a movement, where Vancouverites become educated in, and effectively use design-thinking to collaborate and co-create systems-changing solutions!

How does the VDN St eering Committee work?
As a non-profit society, we are governed by a board of directors. Currently, we don’t have any full-time employees. Instead, we have a working group of Design Nerd volunteers on our Steering Committee, who also work with VDN clients on paid contracts (with a percentage going back to the society). The VDN Steering Committee (SC) meets at least once monthly to organize and execute VDN’s day-to-day operations and strategy. Steering Committee members each have specific roles in order to support the organization, that will continue until the society is able to hire an Executive Director. If you’re interested in joining us, thoroughly read through the rest of this document and apply with your preferred role(s) by August 5 at 5pm!

Steering Committee Commitments & Eligibility:
• Commit to 1 year term
• Familiarize yourself with our history, vision, and services
• Participate in discussions and decisions at monthly SC Meetings, and in intermittent e-mail communication between meetings
• Attendance at our Annual Retreat and AGM
• Fundraise and write grants on behalf of VDN
• Available as a Project Lead for 3 – 6 paid VDN contracts/year
• Network and represent VDN at events
• Bring your enthusiasm, project ideas, and leadership to the organization!
• Contribute to our repertoire of design and facilitation processes, skills, tools and techniques!
• Have a passion for design, social innovation and/or facilitation
• A strong willingness to have fun is considered an asset
**Minimum time commitment: 6-10 hrs per month

Apply here with your preferred role(s) by August 5 at 5pm!

We’re looking to fill the following roles on our Steering Committee:

Lead Nerd (Steering Committee Chair)
• Act as the face of VDN
• Find and engage potential clients
• Network on behalf of VDN at relevant monthly events
• Seek speaking engagement opportunities
• Support the onboarding of new Design Nerds members
• Act as main point of contact for VDN (Monitor and respond to vancouver@ emails, forward emails to relevant nerds for follow up as needed)
• Act as liaison and point of contact for potential and current clients, pairing them with project leads
• Find and engage potential VDN partners, funders and grant opportunities
• Direct and work with all other SC members

Digital Marketing Lead
• Responsible for social media accounts, social media strategy and content
• Website updates and content maintenance
• Coordinate with Project Leads to get out digital promotion and updates for projects
• Create e-mail marketing strategy (e.g. bi-monthly MailChimp campaign), and
create & maintain templates

Volunteer Engagement Lead
• Recruit, create list, communicate with and assign projects to volunteers (e.g. jam
photographer volunteer)
• Liason with Project Leads to ensure needed volunteers are available and ready
• Recruit engaged volunteers to SC when needed

Brand Lead
• Maintain a strong and consistent visual brand, including graphics
• Create graphic standards for VDN
• Create/maintain templates for often used items (Proposals, presentations, reports,
• Work with Project Leads to create relevant promotional materials
• Ensure partners and clients use consistent graphic standards

Admin Lead
• Create and delete email addresses (
• Add/remove members to/from the SC google group
• Maintain all digital accounts, usernames and passwords
• Implement and Enforce File Management strategy and protocols
• Maintain the google drive & dropbox

Convinced yet?
Apply here with your preferred role(s) by August 5 at 5pm!

Thank you and we can’t wait to Design Nerd out with you!

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