A Design Jam is an idea factory. It’s a fun, fast and creative brainstorming session intended to co-create a wide range of possible interventions in response to specific civic and political contexts.

Nerd Jams originated in the cozy living rooms of our founding members as a way to feed their shared desire to dream up projects over shared food and wine. Over the years, the scale of the jams and the design nerd community kept growing, as did our experience in producing and facilitating these beautiful and productive gatherings.

We use the Double Diamond Design Process (UK Design Council) to structure each Design Jam.

Participants leave the Jam feeling hopeful and empowered that a situation can change because they have the tools and the team to make their world different.

They were listened to (+ didn’t think their idea was crazy); they gain new friends, allies, partners (and sometimes a team); they feel grounded, ready-for-action, capable; they feel connected and engaged to those around them, the place they call home and the issues they encountered.