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Gramorail began with a vision by the Vancouver Design Nerds to design and build pedal-powered cars that would connect to one another and form a human-powered “party train”; a train that could be paraded along unused rail corridors in Vancouver. Gramorail brings attention to the city’s rich rail heritage and promotes a sustainable mode of transportation.

Over the last year the project has taken on an identity of its own and the spectacular vision has been realized with the completion of two railcars! Built by an ever-growing cast of contributors, including members of the Nerds in partnership with eatART, the railcars are a kinetic sculpture that acts both as vehicle and stage. It features a sound system projected through a larger-than-life gramophone, a hand-crafted chess board, and 100 feet of track that can be transported to public events, celebrations and festivals in Vancouver and beyond! Powered by an “engine” of 4 people on the locomotive car, the Gramorail can accommodate 6 to 8 passengers in the luxurious and finely crafted gramophone passenger car.

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June 27th: eatART Powers the VAG
Aug. 14th: eatART’s Wavelength Film Festival & Masquerade
Aug. 30th – Sept. 6th: Burning Man
Sept. 10th – 18th: New Forms Festival, W2
Oct. 8th -16th: Sustenance Festival, Roundhouse Community Centre


Vancouver Design Nerds and eatART roll out their Gramorail at New Forms Festival
New Forms Festival showcases Vancouver’s vibrant media-art scene


If you would like to get involved, sign up to the mailing lists: – The main list for all things design, build, and administration. – A list for planning events, parties, and fundraisers that do not effect the build or design of the Gramorail in general.


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  2. Natalie
    February 16, 2011

    Check out the new Gramorail site! ->


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