The purposes of the Vancouver Design Nerds Society are to:

a) Provide space and facilities for interdisciplinary design collaboration and dialog.

b) Foster collaboration within the design community through regular organized events and the pursuit of design projects that support socially and environmentally responsive design.

c) Engage lay- and expert groups in dialog on design through newspaper, broadcast and web-based media and through participation in public exhibitions and workshops.

d) Undertake design projects that engage community and public space; all proceeds of which will be re-invested in the society to further objectives a, b and c above.


The Vancouver Design Nerds Society is comprised of a Board of Directors, a Steering Committee and Community members. The definition of “membership” is something we’re still working on, but is generally someone who has participated in at least one Design Nerd Jam as well as at least one VDN project. Design Nerd members are active in architecture, green building, urban design, graphic design, interior design, industrial design, engineering, fine arts, photography, sculpture, policy, sustainability, artificial intelligence, theatre, renewable energy, fashion, dance, film, community.

Meet the current Board and Steering Committee here.