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Join local naturalists Julie Sabau and Dan Straker for a one hour urban wildlife easy walking exploration to learn about bird identification and behaviour. After the tour let’s Jam on creative ways to connect to urban wildlife.

This is an outdoor event, please do not bring alcohol.

5–6pm Walking tour + 6–8pm Design Jam
Friday 24th October, Community Garden, Creekside Community Centre (east side)
Walking Tour starts and ends at Nest, location indicated on the map below.


More about Nest:

Adopt A Nest:
Learn how you can Adopt A Nest:


Images below from our event on Friday the 24th which included a walking tour by Julie Sabau and Dan Straker followed by a Design Jam lead by Kim Cooper and myself. Birds seen: Crows, Gulls, White-sided Cormorant, Song Sparrows, White Crowned Sparrows, Spotted Towhee, Dark-eyed Junko, Red-Winged Blackbird (heard, not seen), Widgens, Mallard, Canada Geese and an amazing spot by Niel of the Great Blue Heron for 500m! Thanks also to the 1000’s of crows who gave us a nice fly-by at crow-o’clock!
Nerds&Birds_1 Nerds&Birds_2 Nerds&Birds_3 Nerds&Birds_4 Nerds&Birds_5 Nerds&Birds_6 Nerds&Birds_7 Nerds&Birds_8 Nerds&Birds_9 Nerds&Birds_10 Nerds&Birds_11 Nerds&Birds_12 Nerds&Birds_13 Nerds&Birds_14 Nerds&Birds_15 Nerds&Birds_16 Nerds&Birds_17 Nerds&Birds_18 Nerds&Birds_19 Nerds&Birds_20 Nerds&Birds_21 Nerds&Birds_22 Nerds&Birds_23 Nerds&Birds_24 Nerds&Birds_25 Nerds&Birds_26 Nerds&Birds_27 Nerds&Birds_28 Nerds&Birds_29 Nerds&Birds_30 Nerds&Birds_31

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