Design Nerd Jam 6.6 – From A to B

Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in nerd jam

Vancouver Design Nerds, Idea Jam 6.6
Friday 19th October, 6:30–10pm
The HiVE, 128 West Hastings, Vancouver

While many of us spend most of our time in walled-environments (home, office, back garden, car) – there is an opportunity to develop relationships to those around us when moving from A to B and thus deepen the level of trust and community we feel with our neighbours and fellow travelers. This shift, from thinking of the devices, methods and services that enable us to get from A to B, to ways that build community and engage citizens is the focus of tonight’s jam.

Join the Vancouver Design Nerds to collectively explore and create new objects, interactions, services and experiences in and around the city that encourage greater levels of, and deeper participation in one anothers lives.

How can we spend more time face-to-face and interact better with those around us that we don’t know? How can we experience sharing a few laughs with others on the bus, the train, the sidewalk? And how do we get serious and tackle one of the most wicked problems of this city: disconnection from one another?

Choose from a handful of breakout topics, or pitch your own idea:
Gathering Spaces
Green Corridors


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