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17 August 2011: SUCCESS!

Paths to Plazas, a collaboration with Livable Laneways has now concluded with great success. Working on the activation and improvement of this “urban void” was a great experience and we look forward to work on future ventures related to the topic of urban improvement and community engagement.

Thanks to Ocean for taking these photos:

To read more about this project you can go to:

7 July 2011: Help Stencil this Weekend!


The laneway graphic transformation will be happening this weekend and it would be swell if of you have time to help out with the extensive painting that needs to happen! There is about 300 square feet of stenciled graphics to be painted onto the walls and ground of the laneway in preparation for the upcoming markets and events.

Painting will happen this Saturday and Sunday between noon and 7pm in the laneway just west of Main between Broadway and 8th. Let me know if you have time to help out! There are many patios within 1 block of the site so there will hopefully be sunny beer and snack opportunities!

We will also need to do some postering next week on Wednesday or Thursday within a radius from Main and Broadway. (I can be available for this at any hour of the day or night.) The posters are designed to link together in aggregate to that they can fill spaces of different sizes, so I think there will be some creativity involved in putting them up. Come out and we’ll cover up some ________ Yay!

Alex Grunenfelder
alex [at] ovaloffice [dot] ca

5 July 2011

Over the past few months we have been collaborating with Liveable Laneways in the activation of a laneway located near Broadway and Main Street. It is the north/south directed commercial laneway west of Main Street that runs between Broadway and 8th Avenue.

Liveable Laneways has been working on developing the programming for 3 consecutive Saturday nights in the month of July (16th, 23rd, 30th). Each evening will have a very unique theme starting with a night of arts and culture by Beaumont Studios and The Drift (July 16th), a Community Market curated by Blim (July 23rd) and a foodie night organized by the Mount Pleasant BIA (July 30th).

In the meantime the Vancouver Design Nerds have been keeping busy designing elements that support the activities to be held in the laneway. Some of these elements include a stage/seating component made out of 60+ wood pallets, stencil graphics, signage and a canopy…and we need HELP to finish building, painting, sanding, doing stencil, cleaning, and assembling these elements on site!

If you are interested in collaborating with us please send an email to medina.laddaga[at] We will briefly send a work schedule listing the time, day and type of activity we will be working on for the next month.

24 May 2011

A combined group of Livable Laneway enthusiasts and the Vancouver Design Nerds has been selected by the City’s VIVA Vancouver program, which is intended to reallocate roadways for public spaces. Our proposal is to transform a commercial laneway into a public space and summer night market. The laneway is located at the heart of Mount Pleasant near Broadway and Main Street. It is the north/south directed commercial laneway west of Main Street that runs between Broadway and 8th Avenue (adjacent the Chutney Villa and Reno’s). It is in this laneway and the adjacent (parking space) ‘rooms’ that we intend to install design interventions and hold a night market on four consecutive Saturday evenings in July (9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th).


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  3. Stephanie St. Loe
    June 4, 2011

    Need any volunteers for this?

    • sarah
      June 9, 2011

      Hey Stephanie!

      This is Sarah. I’m not working directly on this project but I am sure you’re help would be appreciated!
      If you send an email to me, I will put you in touch with a few of the Nerds who are collaborating on this project.



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